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About BaseLine

BaseLine Chromtech Research Centre

BaseLine Chromtech was founded by a group of experienced separation scientists in 2005, with offices both in Canada and China . The Centre focuses its resources on development, production and marketing of high-performance separation technologies and related products for research institutions, government laboratories and biotech/pharma industries. Currently, we at BaseLine offer the following products: Kromasil TM columns , BaseLine ® columns and packings , Speline SPE cartridges and packings , Affimag magnetic microsphers , Crystal magnetic separators, Magline nucleic acid/protein purification kits and Unibead monodispersed microspheres.

• All Kromasil TM Columns are packed by BaseLine specialists to our highest QC standards. Low-metal Kromasil TM packings are particularly suited for the separation of basic compounds with better peak shape.

• BaseLine ® Columns cover whole range of HPLC columns including general purpose and specialty columns. We offer full range of column dimensions, from analytical to preparative.

Speline SPE Cartridges are specifically developed for cleaner extractions and more accurate analysis. The high adsorption capacity of the SPE packing greatly reduces the amount of packing required for separation and makes this material ideal for use in the pretreatment of samples for pharmaceutical analysis, food analysis and environmental analysis.

• Affimag Magnetic Microspheres are produced by proprietary processes developed in-house. With large surface area and strong magnetic response, the Affimag magnetic microspheres are ideal carriers for scientific and biomedical applications.

• Magline Nucleic Acid/Protein Purification Kits, based on magnetic silica microspheres, provide a simple and reliable method for rapid isolation of genomic DNA from whole blood, plants, tissues, yeast cells, plasmid DNA from E. coli cells, and purification of His-tagged recombinant proteins.

• Unibead Monodispersed Microspheres are silica-based and polystyrene-based particles with diameters ranging from nanometer to micron. They are widely used in chemical/physical research, biology, clinical diagnostics and electronic industry.        

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